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Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore
Increased jubbling:
Go to the options menu, and choose the game setting that allows you to set your age between 13 and 99. Increase your age to see more jubbling.

Extra options:
Press Start to pause game play, then press Triangle + X.

Fight as Bayman:
Successfully complete the game with all original characters. Bayman can only be used where the two extra slots are for hidden characters; Survival, Time Attack, etc.

Fight as Tengu:
Collect 10 stars in survival mode. Play as any combination of characters more than 200 times.

Expanded credits:
Successfully complete the game with all the characters under the very hard difficulty setting.

CG Gallery:
Win team mode with five characters.

Alternate hairstyles:
When selecting Kasumi, press Circle to select her hair as a loose ponytail or X to select her hair as a braid. Note: This works with any costume. Also, her hair will always appear as a loose ponytail when you select her, but during the actual fight it will change to your choice.
When selecting Helena, press X to make her hair its original, long, length or Circle to make it slightly shorter. Note: This will work with any costume, and the difference will only be appear during the actual fight.

Alternate stage time:
Press Circle when choosing the Aerial Garden or Iron Hell at the stage selection screen to change when the match occurs.

Alternate stage positions:
Press Square when choosing White Storm, Demon's Church, Crimson, Burai Zenin, or Dragon Hills at the stage selection screen to change the starting position in those locations.

Alternate costumes:
Highlight any fighter at the character selection screen in any mode. You can view how may costumes your character can have to the side. If your character us in the first row, press Analog-stick Up to select the costume. For the second row, press Analog-stick Down . Some characters may have two, three, or four costumes. The costumes can be enabled in any mode. There is a large number of secret costumes available for the characters in the game. The following is a list of how many costumes each character has. The only way to get the 4th and up costume is to complete story mode using less than two continues under a normal or greater difficulty setting.

Kasumi: 7
Gen-Fu: 6
Tina: 6
Zack: 5
Jann-Lee: 5
Ayane: 7
Hayabusa: 5
Helena: 6
Bass: 4
Leon: 4
Lei-Fang: 6
Ein: 5
Bayman: 3
Tengu: 2

Change winning pose view:
Press Triangle during your fighter's victory pose. Use the D-pad to change the camera angle, press Square to zoom in, or Circle to zoom out.

Random tag mode opponents:
Highlight "Tag mode" and press Start to randomize the CPU's tag team members and costumes.