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System Info
Japanese launch: 3/4/2000
U.S.A launch: October 26 2000
U.S.A launch Price: $299.00
Format: CD-ROM(Playstation)and DVD-ROM(Playstation 2) Is backwards compatible with Playstation 1!
CPU: 128-Bit "Emotion Engine"
Graphics processor: 150Mhz GS
Clock speed: 294.912 MHz
Resolution: 1080x1224
Full anti-aliasing: No
FLOPS: 6.2 Billion
Polygons per second: 75 Million, 20 Million with effects
RAM: 32 Megabyte
Sound processor: 48 Channel/48Khz
DVD-ROM speed: 4X
CD-ROM speed: 24X
Max game size: 4.7 Gigabyte (per DVD)
Controller ports: 2
Save game type: 8MB Memory Card
 Memory card slots: 2
Vibration type: Dual Shock 2
Modem included: Not in the box, but supported
Broadband/Ethernet: Not yet, but supported
HDTV support: Yes